Giving your child unfair advantage

This world is a tough place, especially for kids.  If you’ve made the decision to have a child, I’m confident you want to give them every advantage that you can.  But one of the most important advantages parents can give their children seems to have gotten lost over the last 10+ years.

If you want to find out what that advantage is, click on the link below.

Lori Borgman: Giving your child unfair advantage.

2 thoughts on “Giving your child unfair advantage

  1. Hi David, I know you are a marriage counselor and so promoting marriage is your gig. But if the marriage is unhealthy, threatens the emotional security of the child, and shows no signs of redemption, does the child still have an unfair advantage?

    1. A marriage that is violent, emotionally or verbally abusive would certainly be to the detriment of a child. There are times when people have to escape from a destructive marriage (see my post “Diseased Relationships”).

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