Reelfoot Lake

Much of the action in my book “March On” centers on and around Reelfoot Lake, located in the far northwest corner of Tennessee.  Reelfoot Lake was created by a series of earthquakes that occurred during 1811 and 1812, with seismic waves so strong that they were felt in Quebec Canada.  Legend has it that the earthquakes caused the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia to ring. The Mississippi River actually flowed backwards and filled in the land that sank during the earthquakes, flooding the fields and forest, thus creating what became known as Reelfoot Lake.

I chose Reelfoot Lake because I find it:


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and beautiful.



It’s one of my favorite places to visit. 

Great fishing can be found in the waters of the lake, plus almost every kind of shore and wading bird.  And during January and February it is home to thousands of American Bald Eagles, a magnificent bird to see in the wild!  During the summer months there are pontoon boat excursions put on by the staff of Reelfoot State Park (I highly recommend these trips.).

And the shoreline of the lake is lined with Bald Cypress trees that have the unusual feature of knees, seen in the pictures below surrounding the trunks of the trees.






Oh, and the restaurant mentioned in “March On” – Boyettes, is a very real, very delicious place to eat!

5 thoughts on “Reelfoot Lake

  1. Reelfoot Lake sounds like a truly enchanted place. A place where aloneness does not matter and troubles dissolve to.melt away. It was surprising to me about the knees. I did not know that cypress trees lived in Tennessee.

  2. Reason one billion and one on why I love The Tucker Series”. It just keeps getting better and better. I realize many authors pull bits and bobs from their real life and inject them into their stories, that is no surprise, but knowing that a whole part of the ‘story’ was ‘framed’ or ‘woven’ around this beautiful place you’ve shared with both the story and with real photos, is a big added bonus. Should I ever get down there, I will be SURE to stop by Boyettes restaurant too. Thank you for sharing this with us, for making it a bit more ‘real’ .

  3. Interesting information; enjoyed reading more about Reelfoot Lake. We, also, find it a compelling and inviting lake to visit. Karen Hehn

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